Revolutionary Steps

Gabrielle Derogene

Criminologist | Activist | Author CEO & President of Systemic Racism Is A Disease LLC

Gabrielle Derogene is a criminologist, author, activist, CEO, and community protest organizer with a new approach to expose racial disparities and re-educate the world. Her speaking engagements are amongst the most compelling voices as she introduces essential acknowledgement and effort towards putting systemic repair into action.

Her goal is to expose systemic racism in its entirety. With a growing list of experience in education, specializing in student management in urban communities and criminology from Florida State University, she brings a unique perspective to the forefront. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we unite to actively combat systemic racism in all its forms. Here are some immediate steps we can take:

1️⃣ Support Black-owned businesses, like ours, that empower the community and create economic opportunities.

2️⃣ Educate ourselves and others about the history and impact of systemic racism. Knowledge is a powerful tool for change.

3️⃣ Advocate for policy reforms that address systemic racism, promoting equality and justice for all.

4️⃣ Engage in open conversations, fostering empathy, understanding, and allyship across racial boundaries.

5️⃣ Amplify marginalized voices and stories, giving them the platform they deserve.

6️⃣ Foster diversity and inclusion in all areas of society, celebrating our differences and embracing equality.

Together, we can acknowledge & take accountability for the steps that need to be taken to disrupt this system. Let’s spread love, knowledge, and equality from this point forward.