About Us

Systemic Racism Is A Disease Don't Make Me Sick LLC is a voice to be heard.

Systemic Racism Is A Disease Don’t Make Me Sick LLC is a small Black owned business that inspires free education, awareness, and independent research through apparel design. Dressing and addressing an array of systemically racist issues that plague our communities and permeate through our governmental systems.

Our goal is to expose systemic racism in its entirety. There are statistical racial disparities, and daily oppressing hurdles Black people experience that have yet to be properly understood and recognized. This approach will re-educate our communities and bring these closed-door conversations out in public. I have volunteered service & education to my community, I have led protests, and I want to see change.

Determined not only to deliver style, comfortability, and clear direction, this T-Shirt will be recognized as a symbol of solidarity, and push towards equality. With this design, we aim to bridge the gap between the knowledge a person has acquired through our environment, compared to academic statistical research, leading to self-sufficient navigation in this racial caste.

We hope to emerge all in the acknowledgement & understanding of racial issues, publicize constructive mental health, and promote positive social growth to shoppers worldwide. Our intentions are fair, respectful, and aimed to rehabilitate our communities. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today and show your support.